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In Times Like These By #DancetheSpiral #DanielleJackson

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Today, I greet you in love, peace and joy. I know that many are dealing with obstacles and challenges that may seem difficult to move beyond. No matter the appearance of what you are facing, you are greater than the appearance. I talked about the Universal Pause in my last newsletter. The Pause, which has flowed throughout the Universe, with an out pouring of energy, is stimulating minds to remember their divine origin. This energy purpose is to awakened the minds of the Universes’ children. It is calling each of us to come into a greater expression of who we are…who we have always been. Not as we have been defining ourselves, as ego personalities, but as divine beings who hold the totality of the Universe in their hands.¬† Not as defining ourselves as helpless and powerless and needing help from a source outside of ourselves.¬† Right now it is time to redefine ourselves knowing that what we seek has always been within our own minds.

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To receive the blessings that the Universal Pause has released you must willing to; 1). To release the past and be fully present now. 2). Practice a still Mind, where you become the Observer and allow yourself to be moved rather than the Thinker that has thoughts, opinions and expectations. 3). You willingly hold to the truth of your divine creation…above all else.

Instead of claiming our in inheritance, we are like beggars sitting inside the gates of Heaven, begging for crumbs. Nelson Mandela, has stated, ” It is not that you ask for too much, but instead you ask for far too little.” It is past time for us to awaken, ask and allow yourselves to receive. To ask, not from a place of lack or desperation but from a place of aware knowing that your request will be provided for you. To begin to live life from a place of fullness, joy and abundance. To begin to practice a new way of living, being and loving. A Practice that has/will become what you are moment by moment.

It will no longer be enough to read the word, memorize phrases and occasionally repeat them to minimize the fears. It is a Practice that calls for dissolving all fears. Fear is not an attribute of a divine being, and we all are divine! We have forgotten but it is now time for us to remember!

It is time for us to let go of rumors, theories, predictions and fanciful stories. This New Age is upon us and no one will know how the coming times will unfold because our minds have been so immersed in littleness that we can not even imagine the magnificence  that we are capable of. Joined with the Universal power, as we practice we become empowered. We are able to change all appearances that are before us. These times are a time of celebration and joy if we want to choose for this in our lives. To not choose, life will become very uncomfortable. Not because we are being punished, but because to deny what we are will become intolerable to us. It is time to live what we believe with out every waking moment. To allow ourselves to be guided by our inner voice in order to claim what we are and what we have been given.

It is the end of the world! It is the end of the world that humanity has made that offers so little of the love, joy, peace and abundance that is our inheritance. With every ending there is a new beginning. We are crucial to bringing forth this new beginning of radiance, joy, beauty and love. Each of us is needed…now!