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Me…Becoming I AM”

Me…Becoming I AM”

‘There is a power and presence within me now!  It is all loving, all caring, all knowing, all powerful.  It is the completeness of the Universe individualized as me.  It is who I am, it is what I am, it is God as me now!’  John Randolph Price-The Superbeings (1981)

It’s been a while since my last newsletter.  It is not that I haven’t had something to say but that I just didn’t want to say the words.  Words seem so pointless but yet I know that they are not.  We all need reminders of what we already know, but in difficult times, we forget and fall back into a place of feeling helpless, hopeless and unable to see how we can make a difference because we can and many are making a difference! Many of us did not come into this world to become overwhelmed by the conditions but instead we came because we could rise above the conditions!  Are we becoming the ‘I am Presence’ that we are?  Or are we becoming what we came to change?

About a year ago I was sitting in meditation with a question of what was before me in the next moments.  I heard very clearly that I could go back to school!  Of all of the opportunities that were available I never expected to hear these words!  I asked, ” why?”  The answer that came to me was, “why not?  Do you really believe that wisdom and learning is somehow limited?  Have you really learned all there is for you to learn? ”  My answer was, “of course not, but what can traditional education teach me?”  The answer that I received, “You’ll never know unless you take this next journey!”

I started to take classes at University of the Rockies, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  My masters is in Psychology with a specialization in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.  I am currently in the process of taking my last five classes and will graduate in February 2011.  In this time I have been busy integrating new information while at the same time discarding information that does not fit or is no longer useful.  I have realized how much information that was still apart of my mind even before I started this new endeavor.  My mind feels cleaner, clearer and more centered in the truth.  I have realized that my inner guidance knows what I need and has often revealed to me a new level of truth that I was not aware of before.  An example of this was, ‘Peace is a condition in this world but in truth Peace is a state of being.  Peace does not come to stay a little while until some condition changes but is a state of being that becomes one with and apart of the mind that receives its’ power and presence.  When a mind is no longer at peace, it has wandered into a realm of nowhere and nothing can be resolved in this place!”

Have we relinquished our peace to find some solution outside of ourselves?  How can this be accomplished if we have become divided within ourselves?  What do we know but fail to remember about ourselves?  What circumstance, condition or event is greater than what we have been created as?  How long will we be willing to dwell in this nowhere realm rather than come fully into the reality of who and what we are?

I know that in achieving my Master degree in my field I will also become a Master of the ‘I Am Presence’ within myself!  There are billions across the face of this earth who are now awakening and becoming that same ‘ I Am Presence’!  There are billions throughout the many Universes who stand with us in this process of transforming this world!  We are not alone and we will be here until every mind is awakened and claims that power and presence within themselves!

It is now time to remove the sleep from our eyes and remember!  To shake off our false belief in our helplessness, or powerlessness and to come fully present to remembering!  If your faith wavers then join with the billions who stand with you…they are all around you and will share their strength with you.  If you are sick then join with their healing energy because it is there for you to draw upon.  Whatever concerns you open your arms wide and receive their blessings for their blessings belong to you.  Remember…Remember!