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November 2011 Newsletter

November 2011 Newsletter


natureIn the past weeks I have heard from many individuals about the challenges that they are experiencing now. The loss of loved ones, the ending of relationships, the challenges of talking care of elderly parents, the challenges of raising young children, the appearances of job/career changes, the task of healing body conditions, the overwhelming sense of aloneness and feeling disconnected to everyone and everything, just to name a few. The energy of change is upon us all. Today as I entered into meditation, with a long list of prayer requests, I asked God not only for the dissolution of these many challenges, but for the words that would give us all comfort and hope. In the midst of my meditation I felt a warm and loving presence whisper to me:

Tell them that if they are feeling alone it because they have forgotten that I am always with them. In them, through them, everywhere about them I am there.

Tell them that this energy of change is heralding in a time of love, peace prosperity and wholeness for all of mankind.

Tell them to put down their crosses, and tear up their personal scripts of pain, suffering and loss.

Tell them not to lose hope because they are the hope of a new millennium of Light.

Tell them to come into the present moment now calling forth, moment by moment, their divine inheritance

Tell them they have chosen this time to be on Earth to participate in these changes. They did not come alone but are joined by a multitude of souls here on earth at this time to anchor in this light of transformation.

Tell them that when they are lonely to look about them and behold their brothers.

Tell them to withhold their judgments for when they judge their brothers they have judged my creations, which are perfect in My sight. Ask them, as an extension of love to Me, to seek to find that perfection.

Tell them that they are the “Lighthouses”, which have come to cast the light for all to remember Me. As they let their light shine they will see Me everywhere in all things.

Tell them that what ever their challenges appear to be that they just need to call on My name, get out of My way and prepare for My love to lift them into the manifestation of all that I have created them to be. Tell them that they don’t ask for too much but far too little. I would not deny my created anything because it was always my intention that they have everything.

buddha-meditation-poseTell them that even though they are embodied in the appearance of flesh, they are the same creation as the Angelic Realm and the Masters that they now revere. There is no challenge, task or event that is greater than them. They have come by my authority with every Universal resource created, available to them.
Tell them to make a place for me in their dwelling place and within their heart. Not so that I may come and dwell with them but so that they have a place to dwell with me.

Tell them to come into the silence so that I may speak to them and they will know my love within the core of their being and begin to radiate that love.
Tell them again to remember Me!!!
Here is the message.

This is not the first time that I have published this message.   In the last couple of days the message has come again very insistently!  When I told my inner voice that this message had already been given I heard very clearly the words, “Tell them again!”  The belief in duality is widely accepted as a premise for how and what we think.  In reality duality is a falsehood…it does not exist and this thought system keeps us from attaining all that is ours, through our  creation, which has never changed.  Dreaming is the only place where duality has any reality.  The call is to awaken to the oneness that composes reality.  It is time for us to stop looking outside of yourselves for a solution; for your helath, or finances, or family and relationships.  Regarless of whatever situation you are experiencing now there is nothing that you can do to “fix-it”.  There is no solution outside of yourselves!  The solution is to rest on the assurance that your Source meets all of your needs in the present moment!  But we do need to accept that being present is the only way to access this loving and nuturing presence.  The act of being fully present moves us beyond the illusion of duality and allows to us to enter the presence and awareness of our Source where all of our concerns can be answered!

P.S. For those who are working ACIM, A Course in Miracles, lessons 35-37 in the workbook are extremely helpful in expanding our awareness to reality.  For those who have completed the Workbook and are seeking for a way to embrace and expand beyond the lessons, I am facilitating an advanced group on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m. (mountain time) per conference call.  If you are interested you will need to contact me: 575-652-3458 or 505-307-3393.