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September 2011 Newsletter

September 2011 Newsletter

Dreaming or Reality?

I have been a Course in Miracles facilitator for over twenty years.  In the process of facilitating I have grown, changed my mind, stretched my awareness and knowing until I became the philosophy of A Course in Miracles. Through the process I have come to remember love, to be joy, and to have the peace that I had always been seeking.  October 1st will end my journey as A Course in Miracles’ facilitator and I want to thank all of those who have joined with me on this journey, even if only for a short while, and those that have become my companions in truth.  Everyone has been part of my classroom and has helped me see beyond the appearances of duality and the nothingness of illusion.  Through each of you I have remembered the reality of my Being, and through you I no longer have a need to dream.  In knowing who I AM,  I also Know who each of you are!  In this knowledge I am free.  I am in tremendous gratitude for each of you, because I could not have “Become” without each of you.  Thank You!

For those of you that still want to dream I understand the appeal of fantasy.  Being able to dream of traveling the worlds, experiencing other planets, living many different lifetimes, traveling through other dimensions and having the pleasure of making a play; be it a tragedy, comedy, or any the other genres, being the victim or the villian, the hero or the slave.  With the seasoning of duality the variations of the dream can be very entertaining.  With the ego as the producer and critic it becomes easy to believe that the dream is reality, rather than just entertainment, and that you can make it last forever.  So many are having so much fun making bodies and experiencing all the dualistic special effects that bodies need to assume and the costumes that they wear in order to enhance the play.  You even have found other dreamers to share in your drama and play different roles in your scenes of love, hate, sacrifice, jeaousy, betrayal, and…  The fantasy of being somewhere you are not and having experiences that are not real and being what you can never be is not your life…but it is entertaining and filled with drama.  Many dreamers are still seeking for their next play and are planning for their next life, where they will take the stage again and with the help of their ego they will produce their next drama set in the feared past and hoped for future.

There are many, now, who are having a difficult time directing their plays.  In their minds they hear a quiet still voice which says, ‘There must be more!”  That voice begins to interrupt their concentration on their play and makes it difficult to continue with their current script.  The voice is disquieting at first and only comes infrequently but soon it becomes more insistent in its’ words that there must be more than this!  Of course, your production manager, ego, is screaming that to listen to that ” voice” is foolish and you will lose everything!  The ego insists that only the dream is real and it acknowledges that you will die but then reminds you that you will be born again to dream again and for the ego that is eternity.  It reminds you that it has hundreds of plays that still need to be enacted and lived in the dream.  It reminds you that without the dream you will no longer exist but will fade into nothingness and cease to be.  Then that still small “voice” responds, “There is something more…you will find it in the present moment…get present and awaken.  Home is waiting for your arrival!”  Awaken and remember that you are not alone, remember who you are, remember what you father has created for you.  Awaken”.

Initially, the call to awaken brings up fear and extreme resistance.  After all, your production manager, the ego, does not want to be unemployed and retired to the position of nothingness which is its’ normal state.  It screams, “no you must die to awaken to dream again”.  It consoles and reminds you that in the next dream ” you can be powerful, rich, spiritual and great!  In the next dream you can be more and your future then will be what you have always longed for!”

The quiet voice is reminding you of peace, reminding you of another state where there is no death, loss, pain or separation.  The quiet voice is reminding you of reality, where there is no past, future, levels, dimensions, duality and pain.  It is only in reality that you will find what you are longing for, what your seeking has been hoping to encounter and you finally can be and know who you truly are.  Not a dreamer but a creator!  There are only two choices and you will either keep on doing what you are doing without the desired result or you will awaken.

The choice is yours to be the dreamer of dreams or to awaken to be a creator.

I stand in Reality, beyond the dream, and I am willing to be a channel for the truth of who we are.  This message will inspire many different reactions which either will be an acceptance or a denial of truth.  I am merely the messenger.  It is not my place to judge, condemn, re-joice or inspire the message that I bring.  You each will give it the meaning that it has for you.  I honor you with love, I extend to you peace, I know that as you are ready, you will join with me in Reality!

Many Blessings,

Danielle MScD, Doctorate in Metaphysics

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