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When Healing Happens

[singlepic id=167 w=320 h=240 float=left]I have stressed the importance of stilling our thoughts and being present,moment by moment. Our minds are so amazingly powerful. Unfortunately, most of us remain totally unaware that the power of our minds is found in our thoughts. Every thought we think will manifest somewhere in our outer experience, our body, our environments, our relationships or in our finances. It will not matter whether the thoughts are positive or negative or a mixture of both…these thought will manifest. We take our thoughts for granted and rarely place importance on the power that is inherent within them. This lack of awareness is the reason, I believe, that illness or disease of any nature remains as part of our experience. We look for other causes for our discomfort but rarely do we consider that it is only through our thoughts that these experiences have come into our lives. It is only through our thoughts that these experiences remain a constant in our lives. The majority of our thoughts are from the past…they replay over and over again until they manifest… or we change our minds and begin to think new thoughts.

Healing happens when the change is made from an old thinking pattern to new thinking pattern. Healing, regardless of the circumstances or the needs, can only happen when we consciously and willingly begin to change our minds about our past way of thinking. This change is not necessarily an easy one. It takes focus, determination, persistence and practice to change thinking patterns. But you can change them! This then is the message…Listen, make the changes and change what you are experiencing in you your lives. Not ready or willing to make the change? Well…then joyfully accept the life that you are making and expect more of the same!

[singlepic id=168 w=320 h=240 float=left]I’ve been writing the articles on this website for over a decade. I have used this format to bring the message that I have received. In the last year and 1/2 the format became more of a blog. Today I am beginning a change that hopefully will be more interactive. So I will begin to share more of myself on a daily basis through the blog format. So stop by often and feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.