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We Are Never Alone

Danielle Jackson - 2.06.2015

When meditating we are in the present moment... when our mind becomes very still we can hear the voice of our guide. Who is our guide? I believe that our guide is the voice for God, or the Holy Spirit. This voice speaks for God and all of the awakened son-ship. Their words are the same because they speak only the truth. When I hear this voice I have become aware that the voice carries the vibration of trillions of beings who all speak to me of truth. When I am open to accepting their message I am joined by the trillions of beings all throughout gods kingdom. When I ask and are willing to receive, they connect energetically to bring me what I have requested in the form that I can receive now! The phrase, "I can receive now" is extremely important. The message always comes with love and enfolded in peace and it is never judging or laced with condemnation. The message intention is to make us aware of any thoughts and beliefs that keep us away from what we really do want. We are being asked to let go of those thoughts and beliefs and allow the flow of the Universe to move through our mind and manifest what we want.

Do we have designated guides and teachers? I believe that we do. Our Guides are generally with us through this life time. Our teachers may change when we have grown beyond the need for their teaching. My guides are Michael and Gabrielle and have been with me throughout this lifetime. My teacher has been predominately Jesus, with some occasional visits from Mary, Buddha, and St. Germaine. They have brought me messages that have resulted in my waking up from the illusion of the world that I have made. I believe that whoever your teachers and guides are they are bringing you to the same awareness. The voice that I hear all the time is the voice of the Holy Spirit. This voice has taught me about love that the Creator has for all of his children and how my beliefs in separation has keep me from experiencing this love. It has helped me to let go of those beliefs and I have come fully into knowing this love.

Remember me saying that meditation is the first step in coming into a place of mastery? Well, I want to commend each of you who are taking this step! I am here to assist any who want my help! You are on the brink of entering into a place where you can begin to experience the love, peace, joy and prosperity that has been just waiting for you.

Meeting Your Techers & Guides

Danielle Jackson - 1.30.2015

Now that you have come into a place of relaxation you are now ready to meditate. You may want to light a candle or play some soothing music before you start. Opening up your crown chakra and the chakra in the bottom of your feet is a way of assuring that you have a flow of energy moving through your being. Remember, opening up these chakras is very easy, all it takes is imagination. So imagine that your chakras are like sliding glass doors and see yourself gently opening up the doors. Once the doors to your crown chakra is open imagine that a consistent steady light is flowing through it, blue light is for peace and wellness; white light is for clarity and discernment; green light is for a greater experience of abundance and prosperity; and pink light is for a greater awareness of love. See or imagine that the light is flowing through you until it is flowing out of your feet and into the earth.

Once that light is flowing through you are connected with the Universe. With your thoughts send out a request that the highest teacher and guide will be brought to you and that you are willing to receive their messages and their protection. And then just sit quietly! If thoughts start to flood your mind, brush them gently way and reaffirm that you only want messages from your teacher or guide. You may need to do this many times before you can come into a still mind. But it is only through a quiet or still mind that you can receive their messages. Be patient, you are changing everything in your world and this must be important to you! Give yourself permission to receive guidance and new teachings. Relaxation and meditation is best done during a set time and can last twenty minutes or more. Remember, it is important to be patient and gentle with yourself, you are taking on a new skill and it may take you some time to find a rhythm that you are comfortable with. Once you come into that rhythm your guide or teacher will be there to greet you.

The Song of Easter

Danielle Jackson

The Song of Easter is not a song of crucifixion but a song of Love. The love that our Creator has for all of his beloved children, to send to us one of our own, as a reminder of who we truly are. So Jesus of Nazarene came to demonstrate that each of us is more than our potential, our personalities, our desires and our dreams. That what we seek we already are and that we possess so much more than we can even conceptualize. Not because we made it so, but because of the gift of love that our Creator bestowed on each of his children. Jesus took on the mantle of the Christ to exemplify for all of us the divine nature that we can possess when we embrace the love of our Creator. In coming into the loving nature of the Christ; the sick are healed because there is no longer a belief in sickness; the dead are arisen because there is no longer a belief in death; the storm calms simply because peace has been called upon; and the mountain is moved because we have the faith "of a grain of mustard seed".

The Song of Easter is not a song of crucifixion but a song of Forgiveness. A song that says that we can forgive ourselves when we have come short of standing in our integrity; when we have allowed our good opinion of ourselves to judge and criticize others; when our need for the good opinion of others has led us to betray the truth of what we are, when our self-condemnation has left us in states of despair and we have become victims of our own persecution. A song of forgiveness that says that we are not alone but are indeed surrounded by our many equal brothers…brothers not as a result of birth, religious affiliation, race, culture or nationality but by the Creators’ creation of us. A song that says that in forgiving others we forgive ourselves and in forgiving ourselves we let go of the past and enter the ever- present moment of love.

The Song of Easter is not a song of crucifixion but a song of Resurrection. A song that says, we can rise above any challenges or obstacles that may be currently in our path. A song when sung brings inspiration in moments of darkness. A song, whose verses repeat the refrain, "I am greater than any of my seeming difficulties". The words remind us that we were created in the likeness and image of our Creator and in his love there is nothing impossible to overcome. A song that says that what we give is already ours, the words that say there is no loss and a melody that reminds us that we are divine inheritors of an abundant Universe patiently waiting for us to receive its’ gifts.

The Song of Easter is not a song of crucifixion but a song of Transfiguration. A song that says that not only can challenges be overcome, they can be totally transformed. Its’ melody takes us beyond our limitations into the radiance of our being which opens the doors to our self-made prison cells. The words remind us that we can only be victims of our own self-made scenarios and that if we don’t like the results…we can choose again. A song that takes the blind -fold from our eyes so that we may see the beauty of what we are, the beauty that exists in each of our brothers, the beauty that is present in all of the Creators Universes. A song that says that in the present-moment you are all things and all things are you; because you are love you can extend love to others who have forgotten love; because you are powerful you can inspire the weary, and empower the weak; because you are dynamic you can be a change agent for peace and serenity here on earth.

This Easter if you would honor the message of the Christ, then please join with me in singing and living the "Song of Easter" from this day forth.

Tell Them

In the past weeks I have heard from many individuals about the challenges that they are experiencing now. The loss of loved ones, the ending of relationships, the challenges of talking care of elderly parents, the challenges of raising young children, the appearances of job/career changes, the task of healing body conditions, the overwhelming sense of aloneness and feeling disconnected to everyone and everything, just to name a few. The energy of change is upon us all. Today as I entered into meditation, with a long list of prayer requests, I asked God not only for the dissolution of these many challenges, but for the words that would give us all comfort and hope. In the midst of my meditation I felt a warm and loving presence whisper to me:

Tell them that if they are feeling alone it because they have forgotten that I am always with them. In them, through them, everywhere about them I am there.
Tell them that this energy of change is heralding in a time of love, peace prosperity and wholeness for all of mankind.
Tell them to put down their crosses, and tear up their personal scripts of pain, suffering and loss.
Tell them not to lose hope because they are the hope of a new millennium of Light.
Tell them to come into the present moment now calling forth, moment by moment, their divine inheritance
Tell them they have chosen this time to be on Earth to participate in these changes. They did not come alone but are joined by a multitude of souls here on earth at this time to anchor in this light of transformation.
Tell them that when they are lonely to look about them and behold their brothers.
Tell them to withhold their judgments for when they judge their brothers they have judged my creations, which are perfect in My sight. Ask them, as an extension of love to Me, to seek to find that perfection.
Tell them that they are the "Lighthouses", which have come to cast the light for all to remember Me. As they let their light shine they will see Me everywhere in all things.
Tell them that what ever their challenges appear to be that they just need to call on My name, get out of My way and prepare for My love to lift them into the manifestation of all that I have created them to be. Tell them that they don’t ask for too much but far too little. I would not deny my created anything because it was always my intention that they have everything.
Tell them that even though they are embodied in the appearance of flesh, they are the same creation as the Angelic Realm and the Masters that they now revere. There is no challenge, task or event that is greater than them. They have come by my authority with every Universal resource created, available to them.
Tell them to make a place for me in their dwelling place and within their heart. Not so that I may come and dwell with them but so that they have a place to dwell with me.
Tell them to come into the silence so that I may speak to them and they will know my love within the core of their being and begin to radiate that love.
Tell them and remember Me!!!
Here is the message.