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A Source of Spiritual Wisdom

Open your mind to the miracles around you with spiritual guidance from Dance the Spiral. We help you face the world in a new way and change how you think as you participate in our bi-weekly sessions and go through A Course In Miracles.

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Sessions for Facing Your Problems

Discover how to find spiritual solutions to your daily challenges and life problems. We hold biweekly sessions twice a month to discuss a wide range of topics, including health, relationships, finances, and much more. These sessions are conducted over the phone and last approximately one hour. Sign up for six months of sessions for only $1,200.

Conference Calls About Miracles

With our six-month service, you also get a weekly conference call lasting about 90 minutes. During the conference call, we discuss A Course In Miracles, a series of books published by Foundation of Inner Peace. By going through this series of books, you will learn valuable, life-changing information related to the challenges and problems that may have been discussed during the bi-weekly sessions.